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26 February 2017 @ 06:36 pm
Hi, I decided to change a few things on my LJ. I realised that all my sites have some sort of "niche" function, such as:

deviantART: My central hub, it's where I post my art and is my primary place for gaining friends.
YouTube: Entertainment, I might post stuff there eventually but what I care about most is watching videos.
Instagram: Just to post random photos of things and sketches in my school notes on the go, I don't care for it much.
Toyhou.se: A catalogue to store my characters in an orderly manner, I admit I like this site for what it is.

So now LiveJournal: A place to post private stuff for close friends only.

Frankly, if you want my public stuff and are just a passerby... then you'll get all the info you want on dA. It's where I post journals aimed at a wider audience, my art and some ideas. I used to have a lot of posts on LJ be for the public eye, but now decided against it since the biggest advantage this site provides is the privacy feature. Might as well use it. This is where I'll post story ideas, catalogues, etc. that I only want my close friends to see.

I have also hid a ton of stuff from the public on this journal, most of my posts actually. I might end up hiding all of them, since I don't care to gain new followers from LJ at all but we'll see. I kept the "fanboy" logs up because I reference them pretty often, plus I kept a couple other random posts up to not give the impression of a ranty person (but they're outdated so I may hide them too).

So yea, that's all for now. If you're a friend on LJ then you have nothing to worry about and can view my posts still.
07 February 2015 @ 09:39 pm
Continuation of this: link

So I'm very glad that my friends joined up and spoke against RHPengui and his plagiarized version of Korsho. I also reported him, so that he'll HAVE to take down the deviation even if he doesn't do so himself. I hope he takes it down though from the pressure we all gave him. I hope he replies though I'm not sure if he will. This post I'm gonna keep updated so stay tuned.

Also, if Korsho were to see a clear rip off of himself, he won't let them live for a second. So I present to you all a sketch that clearly illustrates what would really happen if these two characters existed and met. Notice any stark similarities? I think you'd have to be blind in order to not notice any.


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06 February 2015 @ 06:41 pm
Well, turns out that I got a fanboy on deviantART. And my first fanboy too at that. I actually never thought that some people would love my art so much as to take direct inspiration from my characters, but unfortunately that's the case here.

His username is RHPengui. He watches me although I never saw him comment on my art. So of course he's basically a nobody to me. I would have never found out that he basically copied Korsho if it weren't for Sammfeatblueheart who mentioned me in his comment. I was slightly angry actually, since Korsho is MINE and I prefer him being entirely unique to ME. Now I do realize that many of those wolfaboos screech out "don't steal", but unlike them I have an excuse. I've never seem any character quite like Korsho, so of course I was proud to have a character that's truley unique on dA.

Btw, here's his character: http://rhpengui.deviantart.com/art/Meet-D-r-Frankowik-512074166

"A strange bird that keeps to his self a lot no one knows how he lost his wing but it has left him with a strict personality but this spix macaw is still a good friend to have."

So as you can tell his character is pretty darn similar to Korsho. I mean, his character is a scientist, has a bowtie, has the same colours, has a hat with feathers (though Korsho has metal feathers), has green eyes, has a similar personality, and of course most obvious is the wing. Arg, rip offs. He even admits taking inspiration from me:

"Yeah I took some inspiration from his Korsho since after I thought of the character i needed to give him something special and I saw Gamma-Wings character I began brainstorming and thought in the process of him being smuggled to America he lost a wing and now has a self made mechanical wing that renders him only to glide."

Alas taking inspiration from me does the complete opposite.

I feel like confronting him about it, as it does annoy me to an extent. However he appears to be too minor a being for me to actively pursue. But I might. I do find it funny how he must have been so inspired by me in order to create an entire character that's basically Korsho. Imitation is said to be the highest form of flattery.

But wait, there's more (although I have no proof they're inspired by my characters)!

He has a puffin with a scarf (which resembles Muffin): http://rhpengui.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Bobby-512012785

And a nerd bird (which is sorta like Paul): http://rhpengui.deviantart.com/art/Meet-Dacota-511992469

He's ripping off my entire universe, how sweet.

I suppose that if I DO end up confronting him, that I'll manage to scare his hairs off since clearly he admires me that much. Yea now wouldn't that be a funny encounter, me and the scrawny fanboy, hehe.
A pretty darn complex history indeed. And it all started with a sketch...

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08 December 2014 @ 08:15 pm
I have noticed that I went through a bunch of distinct "eras" ever since I first joined DeviantART. Many were more crap than others unfortunately. Oh well. At least the current "era" is decent, and that's a good thing! Now I'm posting this on LJ mainly because I mentioned avian and krumson (among other idiots) in here. Whether I like it or not, they were significant factors of my crap eras. Weeell and also this is a long post, wouldn't want such a long post on DA, now would we?

Besides, the people that I think should see it will see it, so that's also a good thing.

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